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Thank you for visiting our site. For over 25 years DEC International has delivered exclusive content to thousands of companies just like yours! What makes us different and of value to you is the wide breadth of services we offer that allow you to time your sales efforts more effectively than anywhere else. DEC has a unique outlook on researching; we believe it is a cooperative effort between our Members and ourselves. Finally, we know that we work at your pleasure.

Allan Feifer
President, DEC International

Permit Pal—the first mobile device program that allows you the ability to see new building permits as they happen and displayed on Google Maps.

DEC International/New Business America has jumped way ahead of the industry with an inexpensive, easy to use graphical program that has the following features:

  • Compatible with IPad, Android, most smart phones and even your PC
  • Select any one or more of 30 different Project Types, i.e. single family, Day Care, etc. to display
  • Create your own “Heat Maps” that graphically depict where the action is
  • Drill down on individual permits for detailed information
  • Search function built right in
  • Driving Directions with a click of a button, right to an individual permit location
  • Bubble search capability. Touch your mobile device’s screen and all permits within that bubble will display. Enlarge the bubble, move the bubble, all with the tip of your finger!
  • Select one of two ranges to display…last 2 weeks or last 8 weeks

Click here to view a short YouTube demo 

Permit Pal derives its data from our award winning Permit Facts database. View data from 28 counties surrounding Atlanta. Permit Facts is a more powerful desktop application that has more options and flexibility than Permit Pal but is PC only. However, Permit Pal is the ideal accompaniment for many companies while some companies may prefer Permit Pal for their field force.

Call Maxine Arena today at 770-578-0025 Ext. 850 for more information and pricing.


Business Facts - Learn about new businesses.
Planning & Zoning - Early real estate development information.
Permit Facts - New construction and renovation permits.
Atlanta Housing Report - Permits for new construction.

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