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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Are Your salespeople learning one thing and doing another

dr-jekyll-and-mr-hyde-jeremy-mooreYou remember the Robert Louis Stevenson classic don’t you?  Dr. Jekyll, the brilliant, compassionate scientist who wanted to do nothing but good, and the creature he turned into after he drank a concoction that turned him into a hulking, evil scoundrel.  The line between good and evil or, in our case, the line between excellence and incompetence, is neither clearly drawn nor obvious.  In over 30 years of being in business, I can count the number of intentional Mr. Hyde’s on the fingers of one hand.  Yet, I have run across innumerable unintentional Mr. Hyde’s that moved to the dark side without intent.  Today, we’re going to explore the relationship between hiring, training and practice, and the role of management in keeping you in the light!


It begins and ends with management.  Management hires, trains, monitors and sometimes fires the salespeople that represent the company and sell the company’s services.  In our experience, companies do a fair job of hiring and training, but a lousy job of monitoring.  Ask yourself the question; with the cost of hiring and training so high, why do so many companies lose track of their salespeople later on?  Let’s be more specific. Other than tracking results, i.e. sales, what does your company do to ensure your salespeople are representing the company in the manner you expect?

There are three ways that managers can obtain feedback through means other than just looking at the sales record.

  1. 1.      From other employees, specifically your other sales people.
  2. 2.      Anecdotal evidence, good or bad things that management hears from the field.
  3. 3.     

Items one and two are the typical ways that management hears the good, the bad and the ugly. When we overlay an otherwise successful record with one and two, we can be puzzled when we hear detrimental information and frequently will discard what we hear because it’s inconsistent with the known facts.  Conversely, if sales aren’t quite there, we may be predisposed to believe what we’re hearing.  Even with this inconsistency many managers evaluate their people with the information at hand, right or wrong.  That’s why we’re an advocate of proactively calling prospects and clients to hear from them how they perceive they were treated, and after a certain number of calls the truth will then be revealed.  Time to fire the individual? Absolutely not!  Remember our earlier premise, “Management hires, trains…”  If our monitoring was entirely superficial, we’ve let that individual down.  Certainly, some of the general population are self-actuated and can stay on track without observation or support, but most can’t.  All their intelligence, drive and organizational skills can be rendered inoperative if they don’t get a little consistent oversight from management.  It’s just too easy to forget the lessons learned and revert to something other than optimal behavior.  Let’s face it; all of us get lazy from time-to-time, some more, some less.

Employees will often not be happy being “checked up on,” but it’s to their advantage ultimately.  You’re not looking for deceitful behavior; you’re looking for the difference between the salesperson’s own perception and the reality of the experience from the prospect/client’s perspective.  This disjoint can be absolutely astounding.  When you share the “take” with your salespeople two things happen:

  1. A.    They get information which, over time, becomes “truth” that they can build on.
  2. B.     Management, perhaps for the first time actually begins to understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of their salespeople and can help remedy any misconceptions or deficiencies.

Sold?  The next step is to implement a sampling plan.  Each week or two randomly select a certain number of calls made (both over the phone and in person) to be sampled.  Devise a short script that asks the relevant questions (no more than five) and have someone with a non-sales voice and attitude conduct the survey. Present the results to your sales team proactively thus ensuring that Dr. Hyde does not work for your company.  Good Selling!

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