Who Are We?



Who Are We?

Not too many companies can call themselves “The Source,” however, after dedicating 30 years to advising small and large businesses, DEC International has achieved that enviable position.

Are you a subcontractor, supplier, contractor, or homebuilder operating in the construction or real estate industry? Do you need critical market data to guide your business decisions and leverage existing market trends?

In a world driven by data, we understand only too well the challenges that construction and real estate businesses face in obtaining authentic information for building business strategies and taking advantage of upcoming opportunities.

DEC International is a prospecting and leads firm that possesses over 30 years of experience in the construction and real estate industry. We specialize in the collection of essential data about construction projects, real estate developments, and new business formations.

As a recognized source for hard-to-obtain data, DEC can equip small, medium, and large businesses with the market intelligence they require to make well-informed decisions. In particular, we cater to companies in Georgia. Subscribe to our online database(s) today and gain access to a wealth of information that can prove vital for your business.

Interested in learning more?

Keep reading as we discuss current market trends, growth and development forecasts, and other information that can be useful to construction and real estate businesses.

Quick Take: News and Ideas That You Can Use In Your Business Every Day

Hello, World! Please join us as we celebrate our new Blog and my section of it, “Quick Take.” For 29 years, DEC International has been featured in the Atlanta Journal, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, and many more publications, as well as on our own website, DEC-International.com.

To provide you with a little more background on who we are and what we do, we collect Business Licenses, Building Permits and Planning & Zoning Information, and make thousands of direct calls to Information Providers each year. We staff the largest group of researchers focused on a single issue: Growth and Development.  Our team prepares custom reports, forecasts, and of course, provides information through our subscription databases. All the information we have collected over the years is retained online and is easily accessible. All you have to do is run a search through our database, and you will find all the information you need. No one else in our sphere competes with us, and we specialize in uncovering opportunities few others know about.

Now that you know a little bit about us let me share what you can expect to find in this section. Each week in this section of the Blog, I’ll pick a current topic that may affect you or your business. We’ll explore the topic at length so that you understand all vital aspects related to it, thus making you one of the best-informed people in Georgia. Your time is valuable. Therefore, we will not do “puff” pieces, just the meat and potatoes you need.

 Twice a month, we will pick something that just happened and something that’s about to happen and discuss its importance. Previously, we were sharing this information through newsletters (Fun fact: So far, I have written nearly a thousand newsletters!). Moving forward, we will replace our newsletters with this Blog. Please subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Here’s a single subject today for you to get a taste of what’s to come.

Snapshot: What’s Happening In the Single-family Housing Market: Insights for Q3 2020

We have some surprising numbers for the third quarter this year. Looking at the numbers observed for the third quarter from last year, housing is nearly flat this time around, and there has only been a slight uptick compared to last year. A bigger surprise is that the cost of housing is up by 20% from last year, with an average Permit Value of $261,000. That tells us a lot, but is it sustainable? Commercial construction is also slightly ahead of last year, with stated permit values running almost identical, period to period.

Please click here to read our detailed County Single-Family Housing report for more detailed Housing insights for the year. The next Blog entry will include some predictions for our readers.

Thank you for reading my “Quick Take.” Until next time!

Allan Feifer

Patterns of Growth and Development: Gwinnett County, GA

Gwinnett County provides an example of persistent growth over several decades with some expected variations along the way in response to the economy.  Currently, Georgia ranks 8th in population, and if Gwinnett County were a state, it would rank 45th.

Fun fact: It is larger than 23 countries!



























From 1986 to 1988, Gwinnett County was the fastest-growing county in the US, with a population of over 100,000. The County Board of Commissioners and Department of Planning and Development provided zoning areas and definitions to direct this growth and make the most of it to benefit the County.

 In 1994, 213 zoning requests were accepted. At the time, this was the largest number of zoning requests to be filed within a year. In 2011, following the recession and decline in growth, only 25 requests were accepted.  In 2002, the County introduced mixed-use zoning to combine commercial development with residential. This was also meant to promote pedestrian access and reduce traffic. Approximately 75,000 acres have been rezoned since 1986, with nearly 150 million square feet approved for non-residential use. 

Note: The Planning & Zoning Facts published by DEC International provides information on many growth and development projects currently planned throughout Georgia.


There are approximately 320,000 housing units in Gwinnett County consisting of single-family detached, townhomes/condominiums, and apartments. 



The Georgia Department of Labor reported that 474,882 Gwinnett County residents were employed in 2019 and that unemployment was at a mere 3.0 %. There are more than 24,300 employers in the County.

Note:  Business Facts published weekly by DEC International provides verified contact information on new businesses in 32 Metro-Atlanta counties.

DEC-International: Tips and Tricks for Using Our Data

Welcome to the Corner where I will be discussing current trends within the construction market and offer tips on how to use our data and take better advantage of our services. With our Third Quarter Report being released today, I'd like to take this time to discuss some observations and what it means for the future of the construction industry.

It would be an understatement to say that since the emergence of COVID-19, our world has turned upside down. Many people are facing the future with uncertainty and have questions about how the pandemic will affect their lives. Will I lose my job? Will the economy go into recession? We knew that construction would most likely slow down because of these apprehensions. Not only that, but with so many government agencies closing down and halting operations, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for construction projects to move forward. Despite these assumptions, the data obtained from the 3rd Quarter delivered some shocking results. As per the report, new single-family residence construction has increased by over 25% on a year-over-year basis.

Since the shutdowns mostly affected performance in the 2nd Quarter, we can assume that this sharp rise in new construction could merely be a reflection of the Construction Industry playing catch-up. However, that isn’t entirely the case. When we look at the bigger picture and compare all the data collected between April and September, we observe a 6% increase in the number of permits that have been issued in 2020 compared to those same dates from 2019. This increase shows the construction industry is not only persisting but also thriving. A large contributor to this development is the infrastructure upgrades needed to accommodate the health regulations that COVID-19 has precipitated. We have seen an emergence of additions and renovations to restaurants, schools, and offices to accommodate social distancing regulations. Hospitals are being expanded to accommodate medical equipment and provide the space needed to treat patients infected with the virus. Even warehouse spaces have been renovated to meet the increasing demand for distribution as more families chose to shop online. The construction market has adapted to the crisis fairly well and is thriving during this time of uncertainty.

This same resilience can be seen in the Business Facts area, as well. There is a steady stream of new businesses that have opened, and a significant proportion of these businesses are home-based. With many people out of work due to closures and grants offered by the Government as an incentive for small business startups, it seems as though many people are taking the entrepreneurial route as a means to support themselves and their families. With this influx of home-based businesses and more than half of employed adults working remotely from home as of April, we will likely see an increase in home additions and renovations as homeowners adjust their homes to meet their growing needs. Not only this, but a recent Gartner study found that 74% of American companies will move at least 5% of their employees to work from home permanently.

Figure 1: 74% of Companies Plan to Shift to More Remote Work Post COVID-19 Permanently


Source: Gartner (April 2020)

Despite COVID-19, there are many positive indicators that show the construction industry is still staying strong.  The adaptability of the industry is its biggest strength. Although our world is much different now, we can at least rely on the need for new construction and renovation projects to sustain the industry until things get better.

DEC International: Focus on Business Facts

Our Business Facts reports are a departure from our standard research. Most DEC reports are based on what’s happening in the construction market. However, the DEC charter is founded on the belief that we are in the “Warm Leads” business and not necessarily construction-centric. Business Facts is a weekly report of business status changes with respect to new companies. These include change of ownership, major expansions, or any significant changes in a company’s business line, etc. Each week we collect information on numerous businesses that meet these criteria and then verify contact information and other vital data via phone calls.  The result is 200-300 actionable leads each week for our subscribers.

Business Facts is an incredibly useful report that directs businesses to opportunities occurring presently throughout the metro Atlanta area. The information provided in our reports includes the:

  • The name of the business
  • Complete contact information including the company’s address and the highest-ranking individual at that location
  • What the facility will be used for, i.e., for office, manufacturing, distribution, etc.
  • The number of employees
  • The reason for the company’s inclusion in our Business Facts report.

A wide range of companies use our Business Facts reports, including those that market to other businesses and are searching for new opportunities as soon as they arise. This provides them with the “first-mover advantage.” You can access our Business Facts reports through our easy-to-use and lightning-fast website. Typical users are directory companies, ticket sales, credit card processors, office machines, banks, and many more.

If Business Facts sounds interesting to you, you can get in touch with Stefani for additional information and pricing. You can reach her at (770) 578-0025 Ext. 104.

Our Services

DEC International:  Planning & Zoning Facts

DEC International is in the business of finding the right opportunity at the right time for its members. To meet this challenge, we use the construction and development market as a precursor industry that spotlights projects presenting opportunities for a broad range of businesses within and outside the bounds of the construction industry itself. This week we are spotlighting Planning & Zoning Facts (PZ).

Planning & Zoning Facts is our earliest indicator of future growth and development. PZ is a statewide service with a focus on the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our experienced researchers exclusively research economic development authorities, city and county zoning, land-use authorities, and various other sources from newspaper clipping services to Certificates of Need. All this information is recorded within our powerful relational databases and is researched one opportunity at a time to ensure the highest accuracy and usability. There is no other service that provides a similar level of intelligence to businesses in Georgia.

You can find all Planning & Zoning information on our easy-to-use and fast website. Each week we deliver hard-to-find information and contact details for projects that will eventually develop into future work. PZ is ideal for both commercial and residential markets. For instance, if we report new housing projects in an area, then one can also expect new commercial projects to emerge there.

PZ customers include home builders, street builders, national store chains, companies wishing to purchase land to pursue growth and development, and businesses that directly benefit from understanding current growth vectors.

If Planning and Zoning Facts sounds interesting to you, you can get in touch with Stefani for additional information and pricing. You can reach her at (770) 578-0025 Ext. 104.

DEC International: REDI Data/ Atlanta Housing Report

Most DEC Reports are designed to help you target your market at a specific moment in time that makes sense for your business. In the single-family and multi-family markets, we offer three services that precisely target such opportunities. Our REDI Data reports, previously called the Atlanta Housing Report, have undergone a total overhaul this year and are faster, more accurate, and just as timely as before. Think of REDI Data as Permit Facts on steroids. You will find various iterations that include North and South, Single-Family and Multi-Family. These share the same vital characteristics. They allow the user to slice and dice information incredibly quickly to look at housing data through one of two lenses—by the builder or by subdivision.

Like all our other services, you must subscribe to become a member and receive REDI Data reports. As a member, you are immediately entitled to review data on builders and subdivisions from January 1st, 2015, and forward. In addition, we also maintain data going back 20 years on over a million other permits issued either by subdivision or by the builder. This data can be made available on special request. Our recent move to a new platform has done away with any browser issues we once ran into and allow our users to access data without constraint. You can now sort, filter, download, rank, or do just about anything you could possibly think of to arrange and view our data as required.

REDI Data is the “go-to service” for banks, builders, suppliers, and other businesses that realize the importance of tracking residential market velocity. REDI Data covers 30 counties in the Metro Atlanta area and is by far the best permit analysis system around. DEC derives information from well over 100 information providers on a regular basis, which is inputted and verified the same week we receive our data. No one else can make that claim, which is why REDI Data has the highest renewal rate in the industry!

If the Atlanta Housing Report sounds interesting to you, you can get in touch with Stefani for additional information and pricing. You can reach her at (770) 578-0025 Ext. 104.

DEC International: Permit Facts Leads

Permit Facts is a must-have for companies that need accurate and timely data on all construction activities. This includes building material suppliers, sub-contractors, service providers, financial institutions, and those working in real estate.

Here are the features of our Permit Facts reports:

  • Published weekly, Permit Facts informs you of who is building what, where, and of what size along with many other important details about the project, including: builder/contractor name, address and phone number, project/subdivision name, address, size, value, description, and legal information. Additionally, any new or first-time contractors are highlighted each week.
  • Permit Facts reports on all new structures, as well as additions, renovations, and interior finish activity in both the commercial and residential construction markets.
  • Timely, accurate, and comprehensive, Permit Facts offers the most comprehensive coverage of the residential and commercial sector currently available.
  • Permit Facts reports are incredibly user-friendly. They are published in a unique “fast-read” format, sorted by county, and alphabetized by builder name. Each report includes up-to-date and fresh information on projects permitted the week before. Electronic delivery and customization of reports are available.
  • Each weekly Permit Facts report covers the full metro Atlanta area, including 105 cities and 29 counties.

DEC/NBA provides a variety of different delivery and access methods for these reports, including email and web access. Because we look for these leads every day, you don’t have to. We also provide complete contact information, the activity going on at the business site, i.e., at the warehouse, office, etc. and estimates of the size or volume of the activity, among other pieces of information.

For more information on Permit Facts and how you can gain access to our database, call us today at (770)578-0025 and dial ext. 104.You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also click on this link for a quick demo.

What Else Can You Expect If You Subscribe?

We wouldn’t be worth listening to if we didn’t believe what we espouse. Of course, you may not know if you can trust us either. To make things easier for you, each month, we will be running broad or specific promotions. Sometimes these are meant to get some of our old friends back, and sometimes we want to meet and greet the newbies in the construction industry. Our aim is to engage you and broaden our reach while helping you meet your objectives. This month, we are having a broad “We Want You Back” campaign that has been created in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Why are we running this campaign? You see, many of our customers think they are too small to market themselves in a systematic manner. In our opinion, they are wrong, and you can pick up the phone and call us if you disagree. We believe that opportunities are like fish in the sea, and if you want to stay alive and profitable, you must harvest every opportunity that comes your way.  Remember, opportunities don’t necessarily become available at a time that suits you. Nor are they provided to everyone. So if you see one, just grab it and hold on with both hands.

Speaking of which, here’s an incredible opportunity that is bound to have you interested.

We are about to give you a fantastic promo that you won’t see again for another year. Buy now and get two freebies:  

Opportunity #1: Any former member who signs up between now and the end of the month will receive 30% off our current rack rate.

Opportunity #2: They will receive the rest of this year free.

Your subscription will end on 12-31-21.

Yes, it is hard to believe the end of the year is upon us. 2020 has been a banger so far, and now is the time to position yourself for volatility. Remember, having choices is the most powerful position to be in, and as DEC members, you get to have more choices than non-DEC members.

So, make a choice, save your money, and lock in the pricing before it increases in January.

 Call today or right now while you are thinking about it. Dial 770-578-0025, ext. 105 and speak to me personally—Allan. I’d like to help you make 2021 the best year ever for both of us!

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