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From Our President

Thank you for visiting our site. For over 25 years DEC International has delivered exclusive content to thousands of companies just like yours! What makes us different and of value to you is the wide breadth of services we offer that allow you to time your sales efforts more effectively than anywhere else. DEC has a unique outlook on researching; we believe it is a cooperative effort between our Members and ourselves. Finally, we know that we work at your pleasure.

Allan Feifer
President, DEC International

Founded over 30 years ago, DEC International, Inc. provides vital information to a myriad of users, including Chambers of Commerce, Government Agencies, Utilities, Associations, and of course, Private Companies (both large and small!). DEC is the leader in providing comprehensive, timely commercial and residential information throughout Metro Atlanta and the State of Georgia.


DEC Fast Facts

  • DEC is tracking over 3,000 opportunities in the pre-bid and planning stage throughout Georgia. That's more than any other company!
  • DEC's information is faster to market than anyone else!
  • DEC employs more local researchers than anyone else!
  • DEC is the 500 pound gorilla when it comes to reporting private work - simply put, we beat everyone!
  • DEC is the sole source for complete Planning & Zoning, Business and Permit information.
  • DEC offers standard or customized information to its clients in the format of their choice.
  • DEC's client list is a 'who's who' of well run market leaders!

  • Our Mission Statement

    The pursuit of perfect marketing. Delight our members by providing access to opportunities they will not find anywhere else. Simplify, inform and access timely, carefully planned and presented opportunities. Vital information of value to our members long-term pursuit of stability and profitability.


Business Facts - Learn about new businesses.
Planning & Zoning - Early real estate development information.
Permit Facts - New construction and renovation permits.
Atlanta Housing Report - Permits for new construction.

Contact us

You can visit us here to contact us, or use the information below.

  • Address: 2850 Johnson Ferry Road Suite 200, Marietta, GA 30062
  • Telephone: (770) 578-0025
  • Fax: (770) 578-0249
  • Toll Free: (800) 718-5323
  • Email:

Our Location

DEC International is located right in the heart of the Atlanta Metro.  This allows us to provide the best possible reporting!


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